Bateria: “This final is important for me”

06 de June de 2016


Bateria is one of the players in charge for to the Spanish League final against Inter Movistar, playoffs five games. Our ’10’ stressed the importance of the match on Thursday, 09 june and was proud of the effort made by the team to reach the final. In terms of how he feels about the match, he said, “I expect a very intense match at the start and very balanced.”

He also said that, “Playing a final is something fantastic, winning it is special. It is not easy, you have to work and as I have said, the best thing is to insist. I’ve been lucky enough to win many things with Inter, with the Brazilian national team, but this is special, it’s different. It’s everything you dream of when you’re a child, and I have the opportunity to turn this dream into a reality in Barcelona” he noted.


Bateria also highlighted the difficulty of the match since the rival is one of the best teams in the world. “It’s a great club. We live in the same country with them, and that makes us more eager to fight, very hopeful to get to change history, we have a chance to write a page in the history of FC Barcelona”, he said.


Renan Pereira


Bateria presents his new official website

29 de April de 2015

Imagem site Bateria - PortuguêsHighlight of Barcelona and at the Spanish Futsal League, Brazilian star Bateria, launched this Tuesday one more channel of communication with his fans.This is the official website of the athlete that will bring news and information about the player. The page will be available in three languages: Portuguese,English and Spanish, allowing the fans of the “jersey 10 of the Barcelona” interact through comments and the social networks of the athlete.

With almost 8 thousand “likes” in his page on the Facebook and more than 16.000 followers on Twitter, Bateria hopes that his website be another way of the fans feel closer to his career, “I’m very happy with the launch of the website.It’s another way of approaching and relationship with the Brazilian,Spanish and world fans.I hope you like it.”

In addition to Facebook and Twitter,Bateria has an account on Instagram, where more than 25 thousand people accompany the athlete posts.


Bateria is featured in Barça’s Magazine

28 de April de 2015

entrevista para a revista do BarcelonaThe wing “Bateria”,was interviewed by the official magazine of the Barcelona.In conversation, the player talked about his life,favorite dishes, his second passion and much more.Check out the interview translated below.

“Play the guitar give me peace and joy”

Why are you  called “Bateria?

My father had a battery business for cars and trucks, so this was his nickname.At first I was “the Bateriazinho” (The little Bateria), but then I became known as “Bateria”.

Why play the guitar?

It gives me peace and joy. I love to play. Music itself is my passion.I started playing six months ago, and I’m fascinated.

What’s your favorite kind of music?

Brazilian, but however I’m eclectic, I like to listen to  everything. A dou that I listen to, and I like a lot is: “Henrique and Juliano”

What do you like to do on your spare time?

I like playing the guitar, play video-game, eat at a good restaurant, visit new places and experience new cultures.

Sea or mountain?

The sea, by the sun, heat, summer and fresh air.Despite my hometown not be on the coast,I prefer the sea.

Meat or Fish?

Meat always, the more read better.

What’s you favorite dish?

Brazilian Barbecue, with filet steak, ckicken heart and salad.

In adition  to Futsal, what are your favorite sports?

Football (soccer) and basketball

Mention a player of the Barcelona, but from another sport?

Justin Doellman (basketball)

A Brazilian team?

“Sport Club Internacional” , champion of the world!

Why did you choose Futsal since Brazil is the country of footbal

I play Futsal since I was six years old, it was always my passion, but I played  football (soccer) at Internacional and Grêmio Clubs too.

A place to get lost?

A place that I don’t know, people tell me to go to Bora Bora.A plave that I know: Formentera , no doubt.

A book?

“Transformando suor em ouro” (Turning sweat into gold) of  Brazilian volleybal coach Bernadinho.

How  does “the Palmitos connection of the Barça” works?

Actually are Diego and I only. Ferrão is from a nearby city. For us is a  privilege that a city  of only 20 thousand inhabitants has two players at the Barcelona and  the Brazilian Futsal Team. it’s amazing that after a  long time, I can play with them again.