Bateria: “This final is important for me”

06 de June de 2016


Bateria is one of the players in charge for to the Spanish League final against Inter Movistar, playoffs five games. Our ’10’ stressed the importance of the match on Thursday, 09 june and was proud of the effort made by the team to reach the final. In terms of how he feels about the match, he said, “I expect a very intense match at the start and very balanced.”

He also said that, “Playing a final is something fantastic, winning it is special. It is not easy, you have to work and as I have said, the best thing is to insist. I’ve been lucky enough to win many things with Inter, with the Brazilian national team, but this is special, it’s different. It’s everything you dream of when you’re a child, and I have the opportunity to turn this dream into a reality in Barcelona” he noted.


Bateria also highlighted the difficulty of the match since the rival is one of the best teams in the world. “It’s a great club. We live in the same country with them, and that makes us more eager to fight, very hopeful to get to change history, we have a chance to write a page in the history of FC Barcelona”, he said.


Renan Pereira